About Us

RM Lab, (RM Clinical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading Diagnostic Laboratory in South Kolkata providing service to the society more than fifty years. Since January, 1964 it is well known for its accurate and reliable diagnosis that attracts patients from all segments of society. It is constantly expanding, restructuring and excelling itself with its state of the art medical equipments and an expert panel of Doctors. Door to door service is made available through skilled and highly experienced phlebotomists/attendants.
Our quality assurance is supported by EQAS, Bio-Rad, USA
Corporate clients include reputed companies mainly from Ship Management and other sectors.


Our History

With a view to providing reliable and affordable diagnostic services in South Kolkata which in the early sixties did not have any laboratories of repute, two visionary doctors Dr Prosanta Kr Roy and Dr Ranjit Kr Mitra established the Roy Mitra Laboratories in January, 1964 at “Kola Villa” in Goal Park. With a capital of Rs.5000/- and a microscope started the journey of what has grown today as RM Clinical Laboratories Pvt Ltd  popularly known as RM Lab, a household name in  south of Kolkata. Over the last 52 years, it has been our constant endeavor to upgrade and modernize the facilities. With the advent of automation in India, the laboratory has gone in for automation and at present the Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology & Clinical Pathology departments are using fully automated and state-of-art instruments. In keeping with the mission of the founding duo it has been our aim to serve the people to the best of our ability and to offer modern and up-to-date laboratory facilities to help in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In 1999 we have opened Radiology department.  With staff strength of more than 30 that includes 10 doctors (4 of whome have post-graduate qualifications) competent laboratory technicians and office staff the laboratory has always tried to maintain the highest possible standard of accuracy, reliability and integrity.

Our Services

  • Histopathology & Cytopathology
  • Haematology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Biochemistry

Quality Assurance

Our quality assured under EQAS of Bio-Rad, USA..


Latest Instruments

  • Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
  • Electrolyte Analyzer (I.S.E.)
  • Immuno Assay Analyzer
  • Electrophoresis Densitometer
  • Blood Cell Counter
  • HPLC